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Watch Where You Place That Fire Pit!

4/29/2021 (Permalink)

What is the popular patio/deck item these days? Fire Pits!  Everywhere you turn, there is some retail establishment, either brick-and-mortar, or an internet outfit, selling fire pits.  It’s hard to argue with the fact that they produce a pretty, soothing evening, watching the embers glow and flames flickering against the night sky.  But along with the good times, comes responsibility.  Do not leave your fire pit unattended, do not call it a night and leave it roaring, and never end the evening without the fire out and the lid placed on top.  Another good safety tip……..unless you have your fire pit on a brick, stone, or concrete patio, it’s best not to have one.  Placing a fire pit on a wooden deck is simply inviting a potential disaster.  SERVPRO of Chantilly recently conducted a fire remediation job at a home where the fire stated on the wooden screened in porch and made it’s way into the adjoining family room. 

Hopefully such a fire never happens, but if it does, do not hesitate to call us on (703) 830-5800.  We’ll get you back to a smoke-free, smell-free home in not time!

Why Do These Things Happen!

4/28/2021 (Permalink)

Why, why, why?  As a homeowner, do you find yourself asking this question every time something goes wrong around your home?  Why did the hot water heater break, spilling water everywhere on a holiday weekend?  Why did that tree fall on my roof, allowing cascades of rain inside my house?  Why did my new dishwasher malfunction and flood my kitchen in the middle of the night?  Sometimes there is no specific answer as to “why” these unfortunate events occur, but one thing is for certain…….they need to be addressed quickly before more damage takes hold.  If the unexpected disaster strikes your home, don’t ponder “why” it happened, call SERVPRO of Fair Oaks-Chantilly-Centreville on (703) 830-5800.  We will be there to remediate the mess and help you come up with a game plan to minimize such events happening again.  Mother nature cannot always be stopped but proper repairs and seasonal maintenance can help mitigate disasters such as these from happening.  Give us a call today on (703) 830-5800.

More Than You Can Handle? Call SERVPRO!

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

Is the size and scope of remediation and repairs to your commercial building more than your facilities management staff can realistically handle?  Are you worried about fixing issues in a timely manner so that tenants are safe, and no accidents occur?  We all know that businesses have choices where they rent office space. Therefore, keeping tenants comfortable, in a safe environment, and in a building that is clean and well maintained, is key to maintaining high occupancy rates.

You don’t have to worry and go it alone.  Call SERVPRO of Fair Oaks-Centreville-Chantilly and let us partner with you on your facility maintenance needs.  Whether it is deep cleaning, remediation of mold, clean up and repairs after flooding, fires, or biohazard cleanup, we are there to assist.  We have the training, the proper equipment, and the know-how to get the job done.  So, don’t wait, give us a call today on (703) 830-5800.

Those Clooged Gutters May Be The Culprit!

4/6/2021 (Permalink)

Every time a storm pounds down on your home are you getting water leaking inside?  Walls wet and ceilings stained but you don’t seem to have any issues with your roof?  Check your gutters and downspouts for leaves, debris, even grass and trees starting to take root and growing!  We recently dried out a house because a tremendous amount of water had made its way into the walls and ceilings.  Drywall had to be replaced and mold eradicated as well.  What was the source of the water?  Clogged gutters and downspouts.  Check out the picture, maple trees were sprouting in the gutters!  The gutters were so clogged with leaves, sticks, dirt, and the little “helicopter” seeds that fall from maple trees, that they started to grow in the gutters.  Of course, this created such a clogged mess, that the water had nowhere to go but in the house, rather than down and away.

Lesson learned: keep your gutters and downspouts free and clear of debris.  Should you find yourself in a situation where water has made its way into your home, call SERVPRO of Fair Oaks-Chantilly-Centreville on (703) 830-5800. 

Water Ruining Your Floors?

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

We are often asked by our customers how they can determine if they have water damage to their floors.  In actuality, that answer is very simple.  If your home has experienced flooding to any degree, caused by Mother Nature, or by a leaky toilet or broken pipe, you may have damage to your flooring.  If there is damage, you will be able to spot it fairly easily.  If the floor is wood or tile, inspect for cracked, raised, or warped flooring.  Carpet may show areas of buckling, soft areas and may have a musty/mold-like odor.  

In any of these cases, DIY attempts are probably not your best option. Professional grade equipment and expertise is needed to get your home or office back to pre-water damage condition.  So, give your local SERVPRO professional at Fair Oaks-Centreville-Chantilly SERVPRO a call on (703) 830-5800 and we will be able to assess your needs and remedy the situation.

Fire Got You Down? Call Us Today for Restoration Help!

3/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Fair Oaks-Centreville-Chantilly recently took on the clean up and restoration of a fire damaged kitchen.  What was the cause of the fire, you might ask? None other than a deep fryer.  Splattering oil caught a kitchen towel on fire.  In a panic, the homeowner accidently knocked over the deep fryer causing the fire to engulf the kitchen.  Luckily, injuries were avoided and the fire was soon contained by the fire department.  

SERVPRO of Fair Oaks-Centreville-Chantilly was able to restore the kitchen to it's former condition and a lesson was learned on the appropriate use of deep frying appliances.

Should you need fire restoration services at your home or business, contact SERVPRO of Fair Oaks-Centreville-Chantilly on (703) 830-5800 or email us at No matter how bad it may look, reach out to us any time, at any hour,….we’re here to help!

Why not call us today!

3/12/2021 (Permalink)

Leaky roofs and malfunctioning gutters and downspouts are leading culprits with respect to water damage and mold.  Often, such leaks take a prolong period of time to seep down through the attic and into the ceilings and walls below.  This delay in recognizing that you have a problem, coupled with a hot, moist, and humid attic, is the "perfect storm" for the growth of mold. We all like to use our attics to store our extra belongings, holiday decorations, etc., but mold should not be one of them!

Should you experience a problem with your roof,  gutters or downspouts, don't delay, immediately contact your local SERVPRO professionals to come and inspect your attic. Getting your attic dry and any mold remediated, will put you and your family at ease. Call SERVPRO of Fair Oaks-Chantilly-Centreville today on (703) 830-5800.  We're here to help.....any day, any time!

Soil Erosion Got You Wet?

3/10/2021 (Permalink)

If you have soil erosion around your home, stop and assess why this is occurring.  Has your neighbor changed the direction of their downspouts and the water is running into your yard?  Did you or your neighbor update landscaping or add or delete hardscaping that was in the yard?  What about structural changes to your home?  Did you put on an addition, repave your driveway, add a patio or porch? All or any of these enhancements, if not done properly, with the topography and drainage of the land in mind, could result in erosion.  On the surface, the erosion may not seem like that big of a deal, but there lies the issue……when you see erosion, it is not just on the surface.  It is deep down and potentially running into your foundation at a rate that cannot be deflected or absorbed by the adjacent soil.  So, before you pay for expensive foundation work that you might not need, check your lawn and the soil around your house for signs of erosion.  If found, figure out the source of the erosion and rectify the problem to see if that solves your issue.

However, if before your sleuthing figures this issue out, you have water seeping into your home, give SERVPRO of Fair Oaks-Centreville-Chantilly a call on (703) 830-5800.  We’ll come and dry you out before the damage is too great and mold sets in.

What's an ERP?

3/10/2021 (Permalink)

Does your company have an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) with us? Why not? It's free! Get some peace of mind, call us today at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks-Centreville-Chantilly on (703) 830-5800, to meet and establish your ERP.  An Emergency Ready Profile is an action plan with all the pertinent details that will allow us at SERVPRO to immediately respond to your emergency needs.  Should your building have a pipe break on the 5th floor and water begins cascading down through the ceilings, elevator shafts, walls, etc., your ERP on file, contains critical information for a quick response.  Information such as the location of water shut-off valves, location of control panels, numbers for who is in charge, emergency contact numbers for fire and rescue as well as the utility companies, etc.  Our ERP also contains a schematic of your building, so we know where to enter and exit, what type of flooring, walls, doors, and building materials are have been used within the building.  This information provides us the information we need to determine the type and amount of equipment to bring to your emergency remediation job.

An ERP makes the business and SERVPRO ready to immediately act when emergencies strike.  So, don’t hesitate, get your free ERP today.  Call us on (703) 830-5800.

Leave the Bio-Hazard Clean-Up to SERVPRO

3/4/2021 (Permalink)

It is not a subject that many of us like to discuss, but death and taxes are two things that will always take place.  At SERVPRO of Fair Oaks-Centreville-Chantilly, we cannot do much about your taxes, but should a tenant of your commercial building or apartment complex pass away, we can handle the biohazard clean-up.  We are certified in biohazard recovery and have many years’ experience in this field.  As well as being proficient biohazard recovery/clean-up specialists, we are the ultimate in professionalism.  We fully understand the respect and reverence everyone deserves.  Our professional, caring decorum speaks volumes. We have performed this service for many, many locations over the years and although it is never easy, it is a service we are proud to provide to our community.  When such a tragedy strikes, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of Fair Oaks-Centreville-Chantilly on (703) 830-5800.  We will send a team of qualified, and thoughtful technicians to take care of your every need.